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Come join us at Mobyeat. We’ll make sure that your restaurant makes the most out of the digital revolution. Send us your menu, opening times and start straight away taking orders online!

Custom App

Over and above website food ordering from your website or facebook page, we give you the possibility to have your own tailored app with your own logo. A perfect way to help you grow your business with the 20% of customers that make up 80% of your turnover.


Not only smartphone and tablets! Your customers can order food directly from your webpage. All that is needed is a link to your website and your customers can start ordering food directly from there!


When your customers pay with credit or debit card the money goes directly into your bank account with no intermediaries. The transaction goes straight from your customer to you unlike other platforms that hold your money for a number of weeks. You can easily monitor payments from the “Mobyeat Dashboard” with total transparency.


The app Mobyeat for Restaurants allows you to deal with your customers’ food orders on the move. Simplicity and functionality all in one: A list of all your customers’ food orders confirmed with a touch! Your customers will be immediately informed with a push notification together with an email.


Create your menu in a few simple steps. It really is that easy to put your menu online. There are even various options for different dish sizes and formats for the most complete menus.


Get started straight away. Your order dashboard can be accessed from PC, tablet or smartphone. All you need is internet access. If you don’t feel comfortable uploading your menu then no worries! We’ll do it for you.


Publish your menu

Once your menu is published it can be consulted from a webpage or an app. It’s one touch structure makes it easy to manage and set. Just choose the layout of your dishes. Your customers will always have your latest menu!

Promotional Coupons

Create and manage your own coupon structure. Get rid, once and for all, of all those unnecessary cards with outdated points and unsatisfied customers.

Push Notifications

When you confirm, modify or cancel orders the Mobyeat app sends a “push” notification to your customer . Your customers will always be informed in real time about the status of their orders without needing to call.

Order Report

The food order dashboard is the backbone of Mobyeat’s system for restaurant owners. Order management has never been easier. With a simple click you can see the status of each food order. You can easily confirm orders “on the go”.

Sales Report

Detailed sales report show the overall trends and can be broken down into various reports for each dish. All reports can be easily exported to excel for further analysis.

Simple Dish Configuration

To add a dish to your online menu all you need to do is give it a name and a price. When needed, further variations, descriptions and choices can be added with variable prices. All is in one page. Simple and easy!

Extras or Side dishes

Extras can easily be added to any dishes. These extras can be added to any dish with a simple flagging process. Add or take away! It’s that easy!

Cooking level

Well cooked? Rare medium? Standard cooking levels can be specified and if you have your own personalised levels for cooking then you can create as many new ones as you like.

Dish sizes and Formats

For each dish you may specify a wide range of dish sizes and price variations. With the Mobyeat menu all different variations are taken care of.

Photos of Dishes

You can easily upload HD photos and create an exceptional digital visual display of your dishes.

Opening times

Set your opening times to suit you. You can choose to accept orders even when you are closed!

Takeaway and Home Delivery

From the app dashboard you can choose whether you want to accept orders for takeaway, delivery, table consumption or a mixture of all three as you wish. You can add a fixed cost for delivery maintaining 100% transparency with your customer base.

Maximum distance for delivery

Set your own distance for home delivery. Easily changeable so that you can extend it or minimise it when desired depending on weekend shifts or weekday openings.

Payment with Credit or Debit Card

All transfers are safe and secure using end to end encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) protocol. The transfer happens directly between you and your customer.

Payment on delivery (COD)

You decide how you want your customers to pay. Whether it be credit card, Paypal or cash. You have complete control.


We’ll show you how it all works.


With Mobyeat you have the option to choose between two plans. Both plans allow you to have a custom iOS and Android app for your restaurant. The monthly package has a €75 fee while you can take advantage of the savings in our annual package at €959 which already includes the set up fee. Both packages include all updates of the app to guarantee 100% functionality. Click on the plan you prefer to start accepting orders digitally today!

MOBYEAT Monthly Plan

€ 75 monthly

Customized App for the restaurant for iOS and Android. Subscription with monthly fee.


  • Custom App for iOS and Android
  • App Updates
  • App Mobyeat for Restaurants for dealing with orders
  • Take away
  • Delivery
  • COD (no commissions)
  • Accept credit/debit card & paypal payments (comm. € 0,99)
  • Unlimited sending of push notifications

MOBYEAT Annual Plan

€ 959 yearly

Customized App for the restaurant for iOS and Android. Subscription with annual fee.


  • Custom App for iOS and Android
  • App Updates
  • App Mobyeat for Restaurants for dealing with orders
  • Take away
  • Delivery
  • COD (no commissions)
  • Accept credit/debit card & paypal payments (comm. € 0,99)
  • Unlimited sending of push notifications
  • Including Custom App Development (iOS and Android) and menu configuration


€ 299 set up fee

Your custom app for iOS e Android. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your own personal plan.

Custom App

  • App development with graphic customization, App publishing (iOS and Android) and menu configuration


App dal design ottimo ed accattivante. Dal momento che ho deciso di gestire la mia panineria con un’app ad averla, effettivamente sono passate poco più di 2 settimane. Ho la completa gestione delle offerte ai miei clienti e le prenotazioni al tavolo e decido io push e notifiche da mandare a chi e quando

Oscar, owner of Put de Fer

Il valore medio e il numero degli ordini ricevuti è aumentato significativamente. I miei clienti sono ormai quasi tutti digitali ed esigono che anch’io lo sia. Inoltre, non ho più il telefono che squilla in continuazione. Sembra impossibile, ma con con l’app Mobyeat for Restaurants riesco a gestire il mio locale dal mio smartphone

Marco, owner of Pronto Pizza

Da quando uso l’App personalizzata di Mobyeat riesco a gestire meglio i miei clienti sfruttando al massimo ogni ordine ed abbassando notevolmente i costi fissi

Fadlallah, owner of Crispy


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